Who we are

The idea for TravelsafeNZ came from experience in managing civil defence emergencies in Northland. Civil defence arrangements aim to ensure that people are prepared, have a plan in place and know how to access important information in an emergency. Local people also have networks of friends and family for support and have local knowledge of problem areas to avoid getting into trouble.

Our experience in managing severe weather events shows that it is often travellers who are caught up in events because they don’t have that local knowledge. Travellers are also a long way away from friends, family and the support they could access if they were at home.

To turn the problem into a solution we pulled together expertise from the emergency management sector, the tourism industry and the technology sector to develop a service that provides the level of support and knowledge that you would expect to get at home.

Our people have the networks and contacts to bring the tourism and emergency management sectors together and to provide useful, timely and accurate information on local conditions to travellers with a simple technology solution that delivers this information in real time anywhere in the country.

Our people

Alastair has ten years’ experience in emergency management in Northland as a civil defence controller and advisor and contractor to local government on civil defence projects.

Andrews career has been in hardware and software design and has focused particularly on subject matter expertise in point of sale systems for the fuel industry.

Graham is a very experienced local government and private sector manager with particular skills in Quality and Risk.

Koro has more than ten years’ experience as a leader in the tourism sector and has developed a range of tourism products in Northland. His recent work is as a consultant to the industry with a particular interest in traveller safety.

Managing the unexpected