How to use TravelSafeNZ

  • Tapping “View messages” shows you how many messages are active in the area you are travelling in

  • If there are no messages close to your location, you can still see what’s happening by tapping the “No messages” message

  • That will show all the events in the area you choose. Make the area bigger or smaller by using the “Zoom tools”

  • Tapping the TravelSafeNZ hazard icons on the map open info balloons with information about the hazard

  • In the "Settings" section of the app, we ask you to provide some details to ensure complete function of the app, more info on why we ask for these details can be found here.
  • If you find a problem that we haven’t picked up yet, you can send us a report to warn other travellers of the problem and a brief message
  • We’ve included important emergency numbers, and if you register your nationality with us, we provide a direct link to your embassy or consulate in case you need them in an emergency

Managing the unexpected