The app

A purpose build piece of software (APPlication) developed by TravelsafeNZ that you can run on the internet, on your computer, or on your phone or other electronic devices.


A warning and advisory system, for travellers and local people, supplying timely, accurate and useful advice on local conditions (weather, civil defence, marine, road closure, airports, ...).

Features / Functionality

When an advisory or warning comes up on your screen it will link you to a map showing where the problem is relative to your position and advise you on delays, time to fix the problem and who to contact to get assistance if you need it.

Travellers can also take an active role by reporting on accidents or any other hazards along the way, helping to give other users in the area a ‘heads-up’ about what’s to come and contributing to the common good out there on the road.
Managing the unexpected