Driver Safety Messages

Safety messages proudly brought to you by
Budget and AVIS

We drive on the left side of the road so remember to always Keep Left

Lock your car and hide valuables from view. Lock it or lose it.

Be wary of wandering stock particularly at night. To report wandering stock dial *555. 

You can also dial *555 to report poor driving by another vehicle.

Be sensible, drive to the conditions and don’t take any unnecessary risks.

If you’re tired pull over and get some rest or allow a designated licensed driver to take over.

Slow down and be ready to stop at all railway crossings whether they have barrier arms or not.

When driving slower than the speed limit either safely move to the left or pull over to let traffic pass.

Hitchhikers - Before you accept a ride, note the vehicles registration number and send it to us through the "Report Incident" function for added peace of mind. (Don't forget to enter your name and phone number into 'settings' in the app).